Vinyl-Clad Galvanized Wire Mesh

Anatomy of Marine Grade Wire
Ketcham's is your source for Vinyl-Clad wire mesh in rolls or panels sized your needs.  Roll widths are generally 6" to 90", and usually in 100' or 150' lengths.  Mesh sizes from ½" square through 4½" square.  Hex mesh is also available.  Steel Rod diameter in the mesh usually ranges from 16 gauge (.0625" 1.6mm) up to 8 gauge (.162" 4.1mm).  Tensile strength is generally close to 100,000 psi.

We buy a lot of mesh on the spot market that may be close outs, short rolls, discontinued colors, etc. at discount pricing that we pass along to you.  This stock is usually in and out of our warehouse fast. Call for availability

508 997-4787 ask for Myron

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