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36 X 21 X 13.5 with hand knit heads. This custom  4 bricker, made of all 10 1/2 gauge 1 1/2" mesh wire.  If you need a rugged strong inshore trap this style may be just the ticket for you


Under current regulatory trends Ketcham's expects that by the year 2101 this lobster will probably be a short.  The lady however appears to be a keeper.


Shrimp mesh heads with a HOOP-GATE  finish this 12 1/2 gauge three footer. The trap has three cement  pavers for ballast and worm resistant "jungle board" runners installed with stainless ring nails. Dual colored wire was specified by the lobsterman for easy ID.

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Ketcham's  built what may be the biggest trap that actually went to sea.  This thing was six by eight feet had six entries to an outer circular kitchen with four heads leading to a central parlor.  The idea was pretty simple.  Throw in about 100 pounds of bait come back maybe a month later and collect your 100 lobsters or so.  Too bad there's only so many bugs per square foot, it fished about the same as any regular trap. Lobsters died of confusion.       circa 1977.

In January 1977 the Massachusetts Lobster gauge was 3 3/16"  Rhode Island 3 1/8". The first of the new regulations  went into effect, the installation of a 1¾" X 6" escape vent.  No tags, areas, EEZ's, or trap limits then. Jimmy Carter was inaugurated President. Elvis was alive....sort of.

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Super Duty offshore gear in Ketcham's trap mill 2' X 2"  8 and 10 gauge Galvanized steel wire mesh. Customer specs called for a combination of poly shrimp mesh webbing entries and the more traditional nylon parlor heads.


CEO Bob Ketcham and COO Myron Horzesky with a load of 50 X 26 X 16  super duty traps bound for the offshore canyons.  These  8/10 gauge mesh traps are equipped with premium "SINKO"® steel reinforced cement ballast runners.  Yes the traps are stacked upside down,  makes for easier on pallet handling at the trap mill.

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Ketcham's maintains various smaller traps in our warehouse inventory.  If you are an inshore owner operator they are ready to pickup whenever you need to add a few more traps.  Ketcham's has all the rope & floats to go with your new gear too!

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A few "Bailey Island" style double parlor four footers in the manufacturing area of Ketcham's classic New England mill building. 

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Custom wire colors in some "Bear Traps" or "Massachusetts Style" double parlor traps destined for the offshore fishery, again stacked upside down on a pallet for easy handling in the mill yard.

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There are almost always a few overstock traps and  used gear in the Ketcham Trap Mill yard. These traps are various sizes, setups and colors that you can pick up at a discount. This is a great source for quick "fill ins" for broken off trawl traps, and an easy way to add to your string on the spot without waiting for new gear to be built.

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