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In the thirty eight years since the first Ketcham Lobster Traps were delivered to Captain Bob Tilton on Cuttyhunk Island we have yet to devise a commercial lobster trap catalog.  Afraid we never will.  Lobstermen are in fact the real deal,  they are individualists who know just what they want.  These men do not want their lobster traps "out of a can", so we build their lobster traps as unique as they are, and just the way they want them built!  Variations in lobster pot size and configuration are delivered just as you ordered, and on time.  We are not a mass producer of lobster pots, we are a lobsterman's job shop.   Ketcham's has the equipment and experienced crew to get your job done right the first time.  On time!  We strongly encourage any potential lobster trap buyers to come to the shop and work with the crew to get your lobster pots just right.  We're here 8-5 Monday thru Friday and Saturday mornings during the spring and summer 9-12 .   Ketcham's is located in Historic New Bedford an hour south of Boston and 30 minutes from either Providence or the Cape Cod bridges. The George Washington Bridge is 200 miles.


Common Ketcham Lobster Trap dimensions*****1½" wire mesh size

   30 L X 18 W X 12 H        

Recreational "Yot Lobster Pot" and small skiff fishing

36 L X 18 W X 12 H

Larger Skiffs and smaller lobster boats where compact size is key. Generally the smallest commercial pot

36 L X 21 W X 12 H

Popular with lobstermen from South Cape Cod to NYC, especially Long Island Sound

36, 39, or 48 L x 21 W x 13½ H

36 is probably the most popular size
36, 39, or 48 L X 21 W X 15 H Larger commercial inshore lobster pots
36, 39, or 48 L X 22½ W X 15 H Heavier 10 gauge components often added for offshore use
36, 39, 42, 48 or 49½ L X 24 or 25½ W X 13½ or 15 H Usually the biggest 1½"mesh lobster trap, lots of 10 gauge is usually specified when the lobstermen order this one. Four footers are off to the canyons

The lobster trap grade wire gauges for the 1½" mesh run in the twelve gauge sizing for the "Standard" wire (about 1/10" rod diameter.) and in the ten gauge sizing for the "heavy duty" (about 1/8"diameter.).  Any 1½"mesh trap can be built all or as a mix from both gauges.  Lobster pot length can be any size divisible by 1½.  You need a 40½?   No problem!


Common Ketcham Lobster Trap dimensions*****2" wire mesh size

36 x 22 x 13

Near coastal fisheries

36, 40 or 48 X 24 X 14

Mid Water boats and offshore

40, 42, 48 or 50 X 26 X 16

Biggest offshore operations

Two inch mesh is available in ten gauge sizing, a welded mix of 8 and 10 and the super duty "straight 8" gauge (about 1/6"diameter steel rod)  

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Lobster  Conch Trap    Sea bass Trap     Scup Trap     Eel Trap

Blue Crab Trap      Green Crab Trap


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