Black Sea Bass    Scup    Tautog


The above trap is a fairly typical Sea Bass setup with a single side entry and dump door.  Sizes usually range from 36" to 48". Entries can be all twine, twine with hoop or fabricated from extruded plastic mesh. The fish dump can be on the end or side depending on your design preference. 


Ketcham's Trap Mill has been building Scup pots since the very beginning of the commercial fishery in the mid 1970's. The photos on the left are from that era showing the scup entering the one of Ketcham's first prototypes.  The most popular trap has been the 24" cube on the right available with 1, 2, or 4 entries. The upper trap photo has the 4 entries high-lighted in red.  In the past few seasons the cube has been successfully stretched for some of our customers to 36" or 48" to accommodate more fish per haul.  Bigger is better if your boat (and back) can handle it.


Some of the fishermen feel they have a better catch of the "jumbos" using this design. The entry and parlor  are highlighted in red for clarity.  This gear can range from 36" to 48" and some have been built to order with double inline parlors.  We have delivered these with both oval and rectangular entries and  dump doors on the end or side as seen the above sea bass trap photo.

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