Capt Wally's Chum Pot

Wallace Ambrose Ketcham
Wedgeport Nova Scotia circa 1935
545 lbs  16/0 Kovalovski Reel  Tycoon Wooden Rod
Twice New York State Open Skeet Champion

"If you want big fish to come around,  you need them to believe their best chance for a free lunch is right where you're at"
Capt Wally's Chum Pot is simple and deadly effective.  There are no loose parts to fall overboard when you're rushing to reload it to keep a good slick with big fish in it going.  The door folds all the way over, out of the way, for ease of loading your chum pot.
Overall size of you pot is 6" X 6" X 18". The mesh is ½" X ½" vinyl coated marine grade galvanized steel mesh and is assembled by hand with stainless steel fasteners.
We have had feedback of the pot being ballasted with dive weights, bricks or even old window weights.  Some folks like it to swing freely in the tide with no additional weighting.  One good trick we've heard if you're anchored up is to fasten it where the rode meets the chain putting you in the cone, not the apex of your slick.
Your Capt Wally chum pot is dishwaser safe too.

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