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Vinyl coated Panels can be delivered to size including the difficult bevel cut for the ramps and stairs.  No balusters to install, paint, and replace over the years.  

Maintenance free vinyl is final.

Commercial and Public applications generally specify inch and a half square 10½ gauge mesh in the prints , about .125" diameter steel rod.  Private non-commercial jobs often do fine with the lighter and more economical 12½ gauge wire mesh at about .099" rod diameter.


The vinyl-clad Marine Screen (tm) is an outstanding choice for durable low cost window coverings.  This job is an inner city school that was a favorite break in and vandalism target.  The utilization of 1/2" X 1"  16 gauge mesh prevents climbing as the small openings prohibit finger or toe holds.  While not a "high security" window covering it has been good enough to solve the problem of nuisance entries.  Now rocks and other debris bounce off the screening.  Light penetration is excellent for the classrooms.  This installation goes back to the 1980's and the mesh is still in perfect shape.


This air conditioner cage is 2" X 2"  super duty 8 gauge galvanized vinyl clad steel rod.  The design is totally exterior so there are no projections into the office

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