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Ketcham's is your source for most anything the pro-grower needs to get the job done except we don't sell seed, but if it's not alive we can probably help you out.  Thanks for looking.

Wire mesh trays racks or cages

Deployment ready or supplied as kits


Growers have been coming to Ketcham's since the 70's for design and fabrication of kits, trays, racks, and cages.  We buy the vinyl coated mesh by the trailer load to keep your costs as low as possible.  We always keep an eye open out for discounted overstock, short rolls and miss-cut panels to pass along the even better pricing to your business.  Ketcham's has CNC shearing and assembly departments to mill your mesh and get you the best pricing and service in our industry.


Stacking cages are also available as pre-cut flat kits in any mesh size

You can get the bag racks as pre-cut kits too



A new wire mesh finally designed just for growers


8 gauge galvanized steel rod (think shopping cart) 4½" mesh for unrivaled strength and water flow

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Custom Made Growing racks                          1" X 1" mesh trays 12" deployed height



Ketcham's has designed and manufactured 36" X 48" X 4" stacking oyster trays since the late 1970's but being first doesn't mean we're not always innovating for the growers.  In addition to the old standard 1" X 1"  pictured above there is also half inch square mesh available and the new exclusive three quarter inch mesh designed by Ketcham's as a reasonably priced solution for you to keep the smaller critters from "growing into" the one inch.  The design has been a home run for the folks out on the grants, great water flow and the freedom to move keeps the oysters cleaner and promotes a deeper cupped shell suitable for the premium half shell market.  Stop by and have a look. Single, double, triple, or as high as you want the stack to fit your needs and we can do them as kits for you to save on the shipping.



Intermas Grow-out Bags from Europe

We are a stocking distributor of Intermas Oyster bags available in square or diamond mesh, sealed or open ends from 2mm through 23mm.  Ketcham's can supply you by the piece, bundle, pallet or container  Shock cord, hog rings, SS bag clips and hook as well as the PVC sliders are in stock to close up you bags.

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Ketcham's is your supplier for the OysterGro® System

Photo courtesy of Dana Morse Maine Sea Grant

Show me more about the OysterGro®

If you can surface grow on your grant this is the most profitable system available, take some time and look it over.


The Aqua-Float

Keep your bags on the surface with a rugged float for a lot less

These guys are high density and the only UV stabilized (this is huge) float available to the growers for a long service life, it's time to stop beating you brains out with the "noodles".  In stock now exclusively at Ketcham's dimensioned at 2"X 4" X 32" that will give you close to the same buoyancy, about 8 pounds, as the hollow plastic floats for around half the cost each.  The closed cell foam can be cut and shaped for custom needs without losing floatation.  Should you prefer the hard hollow bag floats we have those for you too.


Auger Twist Anchors Hot Dip Galvanized

30"Long with a 4"diameter auger head works 99% of the time, but we have larger stuff for you too.

And Ketcham's Stocks Much More!

Rope, twine, gloves, boots, marker floats, insulated totes, stainless hooks and snaps, shock cord, fabrication tools, foul weather gear, plastic flat netting, predator control, pretty much anything you need except selling seed or buying oysters


Need Predator Control?

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Crab Traps                        Conch/Snail Traps

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