AquaMarine Oyster Mesh

Finally a Wire Mesh designed just for Growers

  Historically the vinyl clad wire mesh used for growing was not designed for the aquaculture business. Growers, being a creative lot, adapted other stuff that was out there to get the job done. 
 There is three inch square wire  manufactured for the earth stabilization business, the open mesh provides a good water flow but at about three square feet to the pound it's too lightweight for growers needs, the stuff is even on the edge of being wimpy. Seeing racked and twisted three inch mesh cages on the water is sadly, the norm.  
The one and a half inch lobster pot wire is strong enough for grow out cages at about two square feet to the pound.  Your problem with the lobster mesh is that the smaller openings foul over quickly cutting water flow, retarding growth and profits.  
 We spent a good deal of time in the summer of 2009 visiting sites and talking with growers in different states about what would be a better wire mesh design for our industry. 
 What came out of these meetings with the Growers, Ketcham's, and Riverdale Mills, the AquaMesh® people, is purpose built wire mesh designed just for the aquaculture business.   Together, we have designed a four and one half inch square mesh giving you optimum shelf height. The Aqua-Marine Mesh is welded utilizing the heaviest rod stock you've ever seen in our business (think shopping cart), and the Aqua-Marine is hot dip galvanized, epoxy primed, and then vinyl coated to marine standards.  The Aqua-Marine weighs in at two square feet to the pound for strength,  and using the large diameter steel stock this mesh is more rigid than the flow restrictive lobster trap wire out there now.

Some grants are limited to 18" gear height, for you we at Ketcham's have designed an Aqua-Marine three bay wide by three high cage with three 4½" feet to eliminate compliance hassles and maximize your profits

 If you are considering new cages soon you'll want to hold off until you see Ketcham's new Aqua-Marine Shellfish Mesh.

The only wire mesh made just for Growers

We have adapted the 4.5" to improve the OysterGro® system

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